Specialising Health and Social Care

Specialising Health and Social Care

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Since we opened our doors LCE Training Services has been helping staff fulfil their potential. We do this through close liaison and consultation with organisations and their managers and staff and by complying with current standards, codes of practice and inspection requirements within the sector.

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LCE Training Woman Courses

Mental Health

From awareness to communication, we have a range of courses to further your understanding of the Mental Health sector.

LCE Training Nurse Courses

Domiciliary Care

Support people who are struggling to live in their own home, with the selection of Domiciliary Care courses we offer at LCE Training Services.

Elderly LCE Training

Care of the Elderly

Our courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to provide effective and compassionate care to the elderly.

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Learning Disability Services

Browse professional learning disability courses with LCE Training and improve your career prospects or build on your knowledge within this sector.

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Children Services

If you’d like to work with children, young people and the services that support them, start your learning with our variety of courses.

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if you’re interested in all of our sectors, but don’t know where to start, browse the entire course range we have available for you.

Services we regulate training for

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Care Homes

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Services in your home

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Mental Health

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In the Community

Why companies choose us to provide training for their staff

At LCE Training Services, we offer bespoke, value for money educational programmes, which are relevant to the Health and Social Care sector.


Our training consultants are occupationally competent, specialised and qualified as professional educators and work to get the best out of their learners.

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In-House Training

We want our learners to get the best out of our trainers here at LCE Training. In-house training provides an excellent way to improve the skills and performance of our consultants.

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Quality Materials

Our course programmes are focused on developing learners’ skills, so we provide the best service in all course materials that you receive to complete your qualification.

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UK Qualified Trainers

Our training consultants are highly qualified in the Health and Social Care sector and want learners to achieve their best whilst enjoying their training. 

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Bespoke Courses Available

Start your career in health and social care and discover the wide variety of courses we have available for you today.  


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